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About the Team

We're a crew of ordinary guys trying make an extraordinary mark on the world of modafinil shipping. Here at Afinil Express, we believe in pure quality, be it the product, the packaging or the delivery. We have considerable experience in drop-shipping with over a 100,000 satisfied customers. To know something for certain, you need to experience it. All we ask for is your trust and for you to rest assured that we will deliver.

Modafinil has a certain magic to it: it keeps you going when your body just cannot keep up. Give us a chance to share this magic with you. Supercharge your mind NOW!

"It's not done till it ships - Steve Jobs"

About the Amazing Modafinil

The effects of modafinil aren't transcendent in a spiritual sense, in contrast to LSD, MDMA/Ecstasy, marijuana or opium, for example. Your levels of happiness will not increase by using modafinil nor will you enjoy the effects by merely sitting around after taking it. Even if you hit the clubs for a night of dancing and fun you probably wouldn't consider modafinil to be beneficial. In essence, your mind would be too damn crystal clear and focussed to let loose and this is the beauty of modafinil.

When enthusiasm and razor-sharp focus converge to help you execute even the most tedious of tasks, and the mental obstacles standing between you and the work at hand magically disappear, you have modafinil to thank. No caffeinated product or any other stimulant comes close to what modafinil achieves in terms of quality and quantity.

In regard to quantity: a single pill of modafinil lasts for 1/2 to 1 full day. By comparison conventional drugs, whether therapeutic or recreational, are only effective for 1--2 hours after consumption.

As for quality: modafinil is unparalleled in terms of its impact on physical and mental performance,without the risk of causing addiction in any shape or form— so, what's the catch?.

The answer is simple: you still have to make an effort. You still have to bend your back and work hard to achieve any goal or complete any task; modafinil won't do it for you. Though when you do get down to business and sit down to complete your work— whatever it may be— modafinil just laughs at everything that would otherwise hold you back and decimates any distractions. Laziness, stress, fatigue and all worries become inconsequential , because none of these obstacles exist while you're in the zone. The culmination of modafinil's effects is phenomenal work, work that exudes focus and discipline with complete dedication. We aren't just selling a pill — it's a Do-It-Yourself rocket ship that can blast off into outer space once you assemble it. Modafinil makes it easy peasy.

About Quality, Ideals, and Modafinil Bulgaria

Now that we've explained how modafinil can benefit you, you must be wondering what's in it for us. When you browse through the world of online or pharmeceutical companies, what do you see? Aesthetically pleasing storefronts that read your every desire from your brain? Reviews by satisfied customers who've had pleasant experiences ordering from these stores? Modern online shops that make you believe they possess the resources to ensure your security? Well, not exactly.

Secondly, if you take a look at health-care systems world over, what do you see? Drugs that are affordable, which contribute to your wellbeing, or rather sickness? Big pharmaceutical companies dishing out millions to stay competitive through premium products instead of engaging in legal tussles to safeguard their market? Registered entities selling all kinds of controlled substances to customers because an expensive war on drugs would corrupt entire state systems? Again, not exactly.

Third and final question. Do you feel completely safe with using your credit card to make online purchases?... Well, that was a speedy answer. We're rectifying all of this.

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Free delivery for orders over 50€ for Bulgaria! In all other cases and for international deliveries, fees are additionally added, according our delivery terms and conditions, that you can see HERE. All orders placed before 13:00 will be processed the very same day, all others - the next working day. We consider as working days all days from monday to tuesday, and for non-working ones saturday and sunday with also all official holidays.