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Mildronate is the trade name of the chemical compound Meldonium. In recent years, Meldonium has been used extensively by the most elite athletes to enhance athletic performance .


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Mildronate is the trade name of the chemical compound Meldonium. It was him who caught the world-famous tennis player Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open in 2017. In recent years, Meldon has been used extensively by the most elite athletes to enhance athletic performance and body capacity.Meldonium was first developed in Latvia as far back as 1970, but due to the lack of sufficient funding at the time, as well as the inability to publish drug studies, Mildronat was ultimately not approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the US, or in the European Medicines Agency. This leaves Meldonium simply as a project that only a small circle of Russian biochemists had access to. Effects of taking Meldonium: The main effect of using Mildronate is the increase in red blood cells in the body - the main source of oxygen to any organ, muscle or tissue. More red blood cells increase the capacity of both the brain and the body. Another quality of Mildronate is its ability to inhibit the amino acid L-Carnitine, which under normal conditions transports fatty acids to the mitochondria, they are converted into energy and thus, through increased sweating in physical activity, you burn fat. By blocking this mechanism, the body is forced to rely primarily on liver glycogen as an energy source, which in turn requires much less oxygen to reach the same capacity. In this way, the oxidative stress on the body is drastically reduced, which allows the body to use energy in a much more efficient way. Simply put - more oxygen, less need for oxygen and the body works with much higher capacity! This also significantly shortens the time it takes to recover between different workouts for professional athletes. Considering the fact that our brains “feed” on basic glucose, this optimization in the body's mechanism of work significantly increases mental capacity, concentration, ability to remember and focus when it is necessary to be motivated and to pursue goals. What can an athlete expect from using Mildronate: • Maximum good sports performance • Optimized neuromuscular connection and speed-power reflexes • Stress Reduction (Mental and Physical) • Improves glucose transport to tissues and brain, which improves physical and mental capacity significantly Mildronat's effectiveness has already been proven by a number of TOP ateliers around the world, making it one of the most sought after and used in sports and not just environments. How to take Meldonium? Depending on the sport you are practicing, the dose should be accurately dosed to the individual's body weight. For sports requiring high physical need, take 15-20 mg. Mildronate per kilogram of body weight. Mildronate should be taken once daily 30 minutes before exercise or early in the morning. It is usually nice to take cycles of 6 weeks to 3 months, after which the body begins to build up tolerance, which is why a rest period of at least 4 weeks is recommended.

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