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Each of us tries to supply the energy he needs for our busy daily lives in various ways - with energy drinks, coffee, caffeine and other stimulants of the nervous system. The truth is, we never have enough time to make the whole world happy and yet we have a solution to your problems - Modafini.


Dear customers, the website has nothing common with us, they are just copying our design and using our name. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND you not to buy from such websites, because the chance to get fake products or be frauded is quite big. We are the only one official importer of Modafinil and other nootropics, we work with long terms partners from all over the world and we give the best quality on the market!

Flawless and Affordable...

Modalert is the brand-name alternative to Provigil by Cephalon Inc. However, Modalert costs a fraction of the price while maintaining flawless quality. Every Modalert tablet is manufactured at Sun Pharma's FDA approved state-of-the-art facility and contains 200mg of high-grade Modafinil. There are other lower priced alternatives available, but Modalert maintains a loyal fanbase all around the world. Many former Provigil users have already switched to Modalert because of its quality, affordability and consistency. Modalert is manufactured by the world-renowned pharma giant, Sun Pharmaceuticals , which boasts quality certifications from agencies such as the FD(USA), the EMA(Europe), the MHRA(UK), the MCC(South Africa), the TGA(Australia), the ANVISA(Brazil), the WHO(Geneva), the BfArM(Germany), the KFD(Korea) and the PMDA(Japan). Our batches of Modalert are sourced directly from Sun Pharma opportunity so we can confidently guarantee originality and the best prices.

Turbocharge Your Mind

Over time, the ill effects of caffeine and other wakefulness promoting yet harmful stimulants have been clearly documented by various scientific studies. Caffeine has been known to cause heart arrhythmia, insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea and vomiting, increased heart rate and respiration, among other negative side effects.

Modafinil is different. Unlike other stimulants, it has very few downsides as it does not work by altering blood pressure or heart rate. As a result, modafinil does not put as much stress your cardiovascular system as do coffee or other stimulants.

The known effects of Modafinil include wakefulness, cognitive enhancement, mood enhancement, alertness and in some cases, mild euphoria. Modalert is the side kick you need when the situation demands you to be focussed, attentive and bring your 'A' game. Modafinil has the power to allow your mind to functionat its best right when you need it, without any major side effects. Modalert users notice an increased attention span, improvement in short term memory and enhanced cognitive performance.

You'll be surprised to know that Modafinil has appetite suppressing properties, in contrast to harmful energy drinks that contain tons of sugar, which causes weight gain. More and more individuals are taking modafinil, as they can easily buy Modalert 200 mg online. Modalert is safe and effective. Moreover, it has few side effects, low potential for abuse, and (90%) of its users are healthy individuals. It is for these reasons that The Guardian describes it as "the world's first safe smart drug." Try it now and feel the charge.

Modalert Packaging

Modalert is available in flexible aluminium blisters of 10 tablets per strip. Every strip is made of high-quality flexible aluminium that makes storage and carriage effortless.

Modalert 200 is packed in super high grade flexible aluminum packing. These Aluminum skins are strong enough to protect the pills from damage, and since they do not lose quality over time like traditional plastic blisters, they maintain the freshness of your Modalert. The blisters’ lightweight structure and flexibility ensures that your parcels are not bulk.

Modalert Dosage and Recommendations

Modalert contains 200mg of pure, high-grade modafinil. We believe 200mg is quite strong for new users and hence we suggest new modafinil users to split the pill in halves. For new users 100mg should be more than enough to give the required modafinil rush, wakefulness, and focus. Long-term users may take a full 200mg dose for best effects. We strongly suggest avoiding an excess of over 300mg per day. It is essential that one understands his or her body’s response to the product and tolerance levels. The onset of Modalert is about an hour after administration, with peak performance lasting from 6-8 hours.

This drug should not be used to treat the underlying obstruction of excessive sleepiness.

Maximum effective dosages may vary according from person to person, depending on usage pattern, age and weight. We recommend starting of with 100mg of modafinil which may be increased to 200mgs over time and frequent usage. Modafinil should be used in cycles with brief intervals of non-usage to prevent the development of tolerance. We suggest consumption at least 90 minutes prior to conducting target activities, or it can be taken at any time during a sleep-deprived state.

It is absolutely essential to keep oneself hydrated while consuming modafinil. We suggest you consume sufficient water to ensure best effects. For beginners we suggest a 100mg dose, which should suffice to meet your alertness needs. Modafinil is safe, smart and now available at the best available rates.

Modalert Recommended Dosage

  • New Users: 100mg per day. It is advisable to consume the product an hour prior to target activities.
  • Users with having Narcolepsy or Sleep Apnea: 200mg dose per day should keep the problems at bay.
  • Users experiencing Shift Work Disorders: 200 mg per day preferably an hour prior to commencing work.
  • commencing work. -

Modalert Shipping

Modalert is shipped within 24 hours of payment confirmation. We accept major credit cards, and you will receive your order within 7 to 14 days. For details on reshipments and refunds please see our refund policy i

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