Modvigil 200 mg from HAB PHARMA The most popular modafinil

Need the modafinil magic at a bargain? Modvigil is what you need. Modvigil has the same composition as the big brand Provigil that is made by Cephalon Inc. So what's the real difference between Modalert and Modvigil? Well Modalert is simply a branded product, whereas Modvigil is a generic. Even so, Modvigil is the most raved about generic modafinil online. It has very similar effects to its big brother, Modalert, with some users even preferring it over Modalert, and it costs half as much. Manufactured by the well known HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Modvigil is a tried and true modafinil variant. It does not get more affordable than this!!!


Dear customers, the website has nothing common with us, they are just copying our design and using our name. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND you not to buy from such websites, because the chance to get fake products or be frauded is quite big. We are the only one official importer of Modafinil and other nootropics, we work with long terms partners from all over the world and we give the best quality on the market!

The Modafinil Magic at Half the Price!!

Modvigil is as good as any generic can get. Its effects are extremely similar to Modalert 200mg and it costs half as much. Modvigil is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals a reputable Indian manufacturer with long-standing experience producing branded, semi-branded and quality generic applications. HAB may not be as large as SUN Pharmaceuticals, but don't let size fool you.

Thousands of users swear by Modvigil. Some even consider it more potent than Modalert, however we think you should try it for yourself. We source our Modvigil directly from HAB Pharmaceuticals so our stock of Modvigil is guaranteed to be fresh.

Modalert vs Modvigil

Comparing these two products isn't like contrasting Superman with Batman. modalert is the branded super-pill from Sun Pharmaceuticals, whereas Modvigil is ageneric modafinil product from HAB Pharmaceuticals. The two products differ only slightly in terms of quality and scale of production. Although the basic ingredients are the same, it is worth noting that Sun Pharmaceuticals is a much larger and more experienced company than HAB, and hence Modalert may have a slight upper hand over Modvigil as far as quality is concerned.

Nevertheless just as it is said that "no two fingers are the same size," so no two human bodies react to medication in the exact same manner. The question boils down to "what works for you!" Many people prefer Modvigil to Modalert considering its price. Others are brand-conscious and are loyal to Modalert. In our experience, our customers generally find Modalert to be slightly stronger and smoother than Modvigil. In other words, Modalert is mellow, while Modvigil is wired!

Modvigil Packaging

Modvigil is available in super flexible perforated plastic blisters which ensure freshness, a long shelf life and adequate protection.

The strip has been designed to be easily divisible with perforations and dotted breaker lines. Because of its high quality plastic and aluminium packaging, Modvigil is extremely easy to carry and store.

Modvigil Dosage and Recommendations

We suggest first-timers to start off with a 100mg dose. This should get you supercharged enough to win the day and keep you going. Modvigil is a high quality generic, so a 100mg dose is usually sufficient for irregular users. For experienced users, we suggest taking 200mg in order to achieve the optimal peak effect.

A 200mg dose should work perfectly for regular users, to provide the desired focus, awareness and cognitive enhancement. We don't advise users to consume more than 200mg in a day.

Modvigil Recommended Dosage

  • New Users: 100mg per day. It is advisable to consume the product an hour before target activities.
  • Users with Narcolepsy or Sleep Apnea: A 200mg dose per day should keep the problems at bay.
  • Users experiencing Shift Work Disorders: 200 mg per day, preferably an hour prior to commencing work.
  • We implore users to avoid exceeding the specified limit of 400mg, or 2 pills per day.

Modvigil Shipping

Modvigil is delivered expressly - up to 24 hours, on weekdays (Monday-Friday), discreetly and quickly, and you can choose the exact address or office of the courier company. We accept cash on delivery ie upon receipt or when ordering, with cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Altcoin, etc.

Install a turbocharger on your brain right now!

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