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Noopept ® is one of many unique peptide nootropics that have been extensively studied in Russia, though until recently they were largely unknown in Western countries. From 1985 until 2006 there have been 76 studies published that focused on different applications of Noopept ® for treating various conditions in humans. In 2006, Noopept ® successfully finished the third phase of clinical trials and was approved as an OTC pharmaceutical. Since then, it is produced in one of the Pharmstandard factories and is available in all Russian pharmacies.
Its effect is physiological to the human body, as it is based on the formation of active compound cyclopropyl glycine, which is naturally occurring in the brain. Noopept increases alpha/beta1 activity, with 30-min. latency and 40-min. duration in all brain areas. Unlike many other pharmaceuticals, Noopept ® can be officially used both for healthy individuals, who want to optimise their mental performance, and for those who have the following symptoms:

- Impaired memory formation
- Emotionally labile disorders
- Various brain injures
- Asthenic disorders (lack of energy)
- Other conditions characterised by reduced intellectual productivity


Noopept® - recommended dose

Doses of 10-30 mg. daily at one time or at most at three doses of 10 mg. an optimal dosage is given at regular intervals to feel the full capacity of Noopept®. It does not build dependency and the likelihood of any side effects when used is minimal, even negligible. Clinical studies involving the testing of individuals at particularly high doses have not shown any long-term problems or documented cases of overdose - it is considered impossible.

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