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Mildronate is the trade name of the chemical compound Meldonium. In recent years, Meldonium has been used extensively by the most elite athletes to enhance athletic performance


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Meldonium - the Russian miracle that turns your body into a super body, stimulates and improves both your physical capacity and your brain. Meldonium is used by professional athletes seeking a high level of performance - sports such as tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, which require air and endurance, and speed-power and combat sports that require in addition to air and maximum muscular and mental mobilization.Athletes, programmers, gamers, project managers - Mildronat has established itself as a favorite preparation for professionals of all backgrounds. How does it work, what does Mildronate do to your body? Meldon has a rather complex effect on the biochemical processes in the human body, but the main thing that results from it is the increase in red blood cells.This leads to increased oxygen supply to all tissues - muscle, nerve, brain, stimulating each part of us with more oxygen, it becomes much more efficient, much more useful and able to do much more work, in a much shorter time. Recovery time and fatigue are also reduced. A unique Mildronate turns you into a super person almost immediately after taking it. The incredible potential of this drug was the reason it was recently accepted into the lists of the World Anti-Doping Agency - WADA, classified as S4 modulators and hormones of metabolism. The punishment of being a professional athlete caught with Meldonius is four years of sporting imprisonment. Because of these changes, many well-known athletes, such as tennis player Maria Sharapova, figure skaters Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitry Sovolev, as well as sports cyclist Eduard Vorganov, were punished.Meldon, which became a real scourge for Russian athletes, was developed in the mid-1970s in the USSR - at the Institute of Organic Synthesis of the USSR Academy of Sciences (nowadays Latvia). It began to be applied in medicine in 1984. At that time it became practically binding on all professional athletes in the USSR. Meldon was originally intended to be a treatment for cardiovascular disease. Its main action is to slow the growth of dead cell areas in myocardial damage. It also improves blood circulation and reduces the incidence of angina attacks. It is gaining popularity among athletes for another reason: meldon, among other things, increases intracellular metabolism and increases the body's endurance in high physical activity during exercise and in high mental and physical activity during competition. It is for this reason that WADA equates meldonium to doping lists.

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